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2 posts from July 2006

30 July 2006

"Mozart Played on Kazoos?" reprinted in USAToday


My essay "Mozart Played on Kazoos?  Welcome to Salzburg!" (originally appearing in the 13 July 2006 edition of the Christian Science Monitor) was reprinted in USAToday.  To see the essay online, click here.

13 July 2006

Mozart Played on Kazoos? Welcome to Salzburg! (Christian Science Monitor - 13 July 2006)

Csm_logo An essay about my experiences with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as I traveled in Salzburg, Austria is up in the Home Forum Section of the Christian Science Monitor today. 


It was the kazoos that got my attention. Since I had arrived in Salzburg, Austria, days earlier, it seemed that I couldn't get away from the city's famous son. He dogged my steps.

As I crossed the Mozartplatz on my way to the center of the Altstadt (the historical part of the city), I felt his eyes watching me from atop his marble pedestal in the center of the square.

As I rode the funicular up to the top of the Hohensalzburg fortress, the headphones that seemed permanently attached to the ears of the young man next to me were blaring the maestro's Piano Sonata in C minor, as opposed to the heavy metal music I anticipated from the way he was dressed...

(To read the rest of the essay, click here).