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2 posts from October 2006

28 October 2006

Hanau Hidden Secret: Ronneburg Falknerei (Connection - November 2006)

Coversmlconnection1106 An article on a local attraction in the Hanau/Buedingen area of Germany, the Ronneburg Castle Falconry, appears in the November 2006 issue of Connection magazine.  Connection is published by the U.S. Army's Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) organization in Germany.  You can read more about the magazine on Army Germany's website.

In addition to this piece, I will be a frequent contributor for Connection in 2007, writing 4 more Hanau Hidden Secret columns as well as some travel features.

Excerpt from this piece:

Upon hearing the call of his name, the falcon takes flight, elegantly moving towards the bit of rabbit held high in the falconer's hand.  His powerful wings beat the air around him, causing the spectators underneath him to instinctively crouch lower.  But there is no need.  The bird feels much closer than he actually is.  He lands gracefully on the falconer's outstretched arm to enjoy his treat, almost oblivious to the delighted audience so intently watching him...

(To read the rest of the article, download the .pdf at 940KB - Download Sukel_Connection_RonneburgFalknerei_1106.pdf .)

01 October 2006

Wheel World (Continental Magazine - October 2006)

Cover_continetal_sml1006 A short piece on the Ciclo-Ruta -- Bogota, Colombia's fabulous bike paths -- appears in the Go Explore section of the October 2006 issue of Continental Airlines in-flight magazine.


British author (and avid cyclist) H.G. Wells once said, “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” If Wells were alive today, a visit to Bogotá would be a great boost to his optimism. Boasting one of the largest networks of segregated cycleways in the world, the Ciclo-Ruta, Colombia’s capital is the envy of other cities working to promote cycling as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to driving...

(To read the rest of the article, click here).