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09 November 2006

A lesson in history, but not from Hollywood (Christian Science Monitor - 9 November 2006)

Csm_logo_1 An essay about watching war movies with my husband, a soldier who is fairly picky about how the great battles of the past are portrayed, was published in the Christian Science Monitor today. 


We were less than 30 minutes into our movie rental when my husband bolted upright from the couch and said with disgust, "What is going on with that uniform? It's all wrong. He looks more like a foreign legionnaire than a British pilot."

I should have expected it. Being married to a soldier means that you are going to have to sit through your share of war movies. And each time Nick and I do, I'm treated to a litany of criticism regarding the way Hollywood depicts the military events of the past: "That doesn't look a thing like Verdun..."

(To read the rest of the essay, click here).


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