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5 posts from November 2007

12 November 2007

Moving abroad? Your credit history may not follow ( - November 2007)

Creditcardslogo_2An article about whether your credit history follows if you move internationally appears on the website. 


As technology advances in the banking and credit communities, you'd think something as simple as a credit rating should be readily available to banks, credit institutions and lenders outside of the United States...

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On the line: For the wife of a soldier, a tough call (The Washington Post - 12 November 2007)

Washpostlogo_5An essay about my life during my husband's deployment to Iraq (including my serious cellular telephone addiction) appears in the Style Plus section of the Washington Post. 


It feels like the first day of school.

I decide to wear gray pants with a stylish black jacket, an ensemble I hope says I'm the right person for the job. Really, the only one for this job...

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10 November 2007

Through a glass, sharply (Government Health IT - November 2007)

Ghit2"Through a glass, sharply," an article about transparency policy and how it can be effectively used in the healthcare information technology realm, appears in the November issue of Government Health IT magazine.


Many lawmakers and academics believe that the more information people have about the creation and implementation of public policies, the more effective those policies will be. But such efforts at transparency require a thoughtful approach...

05 November 2007

In Her Shoes: The Fun Aunt (American Baby - November 2007)

345_ab1107covAn essay about my days as a "fun" aunt appears in the November issue of American Baby.


The evidence of my transgressions lay before me. The drum set that couldn't be played quietly if one tried. A toy cell phone that chirped children's songs in irritating tones. And dozens of blocks, vehicles, and action figures that glowed, twirled, and buzzed...

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Le Shopping: Main-hattan (Delta Sky - November 2007)

Delta_november An article about the Zeil, Frankfurt's pedestrian shopping area, appears in this month's issue of Delta Sky magazine.


Not only is Frankfurt Germany’s financial center, the city also boasts a uniquely non-European skyline that might make you wonder if you aren’t standing on the New York side of the Atlantic...