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2 posts from January 2008

12 January 2008

Therapy restores field of vision (Dana Foundation Website - 31 December 2007)

DanaAn article about visual restoration therapy (VRT) appears in the News section of the Dana Foundation website.


In 2005, Robert Hobbs suffered a stroke that blocked blood flow to parts of his brain and affected his speech, memory and vision.

“Mostly it was an effect on my field of vision,” says Hobbs, 66, of Miami Springs, Fla. “Almost every adult has taken a vision field test, where you stare at a focal point on a machine and respond to lights coming up in your periphery. I couldn’t see the lights on either side, or at least couldn’t see very many of them.” This loss also took away Hobbs’ reading ability, which meant he had to leave his job as a shift supervisor at an Associated Press news bureau...

(To read the rest of the article, click here).

09 January 2008

Pleasure Vs. Process (Wine Enthusiast - 15 December 2007)

Wine_enthusiast_2An essay about how the experience of drinking wine in Europe differs from what I learned in a high-falutin' wine tasting class appears in the December 15, 2007 issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine.


On holiday in Greece, my husband and I ordered a liter of a local Syrah at the recommendation of our waiter.  After taking our order, the waiter returned to fill our glasses from an opaque ceramic jug without first offering us a taste.

Three years earlier, I would have protested and sent the wine back, insisting to see the bottle and making a small show of sampling...