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2 posts from April 2008

29 April 2008

The physiology of sleep (The Dana Foundation Website - 28 April 2008)

Dana_logo An article that discusses new findings that are changing the way that neuroscientists are thinking about sleep appears on the Dana Foundation website. 


Most animals sleep—mammals, reptiles, even fruit flies. And while plenty of behavioral studies show the restorative effects of sleep and the detrimental cognitive effects to vigilance and short-term memory tasks when it is withheld, it has not been clear exactly why we must periodically lose consciousness in this way. But some recent studies examining its neurobiological mechanisms have led to new hypotheses about sleep...

(To read the rest of the article, click here).

02 April 2008

Cerebrum 2008: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

Cerebrum2008Two articles appear in the copy of the Dana Foundation's Cerebrum 2008:  Emerging Ideas in Brain Science book, a piece with Dr. Russell Epstein entitled, "Building for the Shattered Mind:  Partnering Brain Science and Architecture," and a singly authored article, "Cerebral Malaria, A Wily Foe."

The book is available on